​​The Emmanuel  Communion

We are Christians, that is, followers of God’s Son Jesus Christ, who, through his sinless life, his death upon the Cross, and his glorious Resurrection from the dead, is able to forgive us our failings, and heal our broken relationships, first with God, and then with each other. We believe in His bodily Resurrection, ascension into heaven, and coming again.

We are brothers and sisters of a common faith; a faith taught by Jesus which was once given to the Saints, His Apostles. We are committed to reaching all people throughout the world with the transforming love of Jesus Christ. We welcome the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives and listen for His leading. We do not judge people as that is God's responsibility. We welcome all who will receive the truth as revealed in Holy Scripture and those who are honestly seeking the truth, and a closer relationship with their Creator and Savior.

​The standard of our worship is the Bible and the modern English 1662 Book of Common Prayer based upon the English Standard Version Bible.

We are not in communion with Canterbury because of its egregious departure from Biblical Christianity. Our Bishops, being duly ordained in that body, could no longer be party to such moral corruption and formed what would become the Emmanuel Communion because of a desire to be faithful to Scripture. We are in full communion with the Anglican Church of India. We are also listed on Anglicans Online  as a denomination of Anglican Church; not in communion with the See of Canterbury.

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