The Province of the Holy Spirit, Anglican Rite       Clarksville, Tennessee

The Most Reverend Doctor James Hunt,     Primus

‚ÄčEmmanuel Anglican Communion, Inc.


A Concordat is a simple written agreement between two like minded Communions to provide mutual support to each other's lay members and clergy. Within the Concordat provision is made for mutual acceptance of the other Communion's members at services and the Sacraments, provision for clergy to supply each other's pulpits, and sharing of educational resources. Each Communion recognizes the independence of the other. Intercommunion does not require a full and unconditional acceptance of the others doctrinal opinion, sacramental devotion, or liturgical practices. Consistency in the essentials of Biblical inerrancy, the Holy Trinity and salvation through Jesus Christ alone are the basis for our intercommunion.  

The Emmanuel Anglican Communion believes in the traditional roles of men and women in ministry, ordination being the responsibility of males, Holy Matrimony being only valid between a man and a woman, as well as the belief in God's Word that "male and female HE created them." On these issues there is no room for compromise.   

The EAC has Concordats with the following like minded Communions: