​​The Emmanuel  Communion

Emmanuel Communion Order of St. Benedict

Have you ever wanted a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ? Have you ever desired a deeper prayer life? Have you wanted to serve Christ and your fellow humans in a more meaningful way? Welcome to the Emmanuel Communion Order of St. Benedict.

The members of the Emmanuel Communion Order of St. Benedict (ECOSB) are people totally devoted to Christ and His kingdom, who desire to grow deeper in relationship with Christ, our True God. We hope to make the Lordship of Jesus Christ a reality in the lives of people everywhere, help these disciples to grow into better Christians, and to help them to become the best possible person each of them can be.

St. Benedict was a very devout Christian and was so filled with the Spirit of God that numerous miracles were done through him. These were witnessed by many people and are well attested. He started the monastic community of Monte Cassino in Italy and developed a rule, based upon the Bible and good sense to help people live together and to serve Christ in a more effective manner. The Benedictines (called the “Black Monks” because they dressed in black) spread all throughout Europe and America, becoming the most popular religious order in England until Henry VIII.

We are not monastic and our members are married or single, clergy or lay. We are a people of great daily prayer. We daily study the Bible prayerfully. In addition, we offer up our lives to the service of Christ on a daily basis. We are bound together by a common purpose, common prayer, common spirituality, and common service in one Order. We are guided by a modified Rule of St. Benedict adapted for non-monastic purposes, and by Holy Scripture.

We welcome you to explore more about what the OSB can mean in your life. At the bottom of this page you will find links to the OSB handbook and the OSB order for daily prayer. If you have questions, please contact the Abbot-General +Barry Becchio at BBBecchio@att.net  or the Bishop-Abbot +Augustine at eacsea@gmail.com.