​​The Emmanuel  Communion


As we grow in the Lord’s work the need also grows for church planters. The EC is presently in the Southeastern US, Texas, Malaysia, Australia, East and Central Africa. We also have an affiliation in India. Having been incorporated in May of 2016 we are a relatively new family of churches but feel we have a purpose in our little corner of God’s Kingdom.  

Our invitation focus is on Seminary students and disassociated clergy who may be interested in coming under Apostolic covering as they minister in the vineyard.  Our Bishops are in full Apostolic Succession in a line back to St. Peter and we have a Benedictine Rule that we follow. We would encourage any interested persons to explore this website and get a better feel for who we are. Contact information is available here or you may email the Office of the Presiding Bishop directly at eacommunion@gmail.com.

God bless you greatly as we toil together in The Kingdom.