​                                               House of Bishops meeting August 25, 2017


As we search for the ideal path and the correct model to follow, many diversions and distractions are met along the way.  Our House of Bishops has recently met and has voted concerning our identity and the way we would present ourselves to God’s people. The name Emmanuel Anglican Communion was given to us in prayerful consensus to signify our mission… to assure people of the truth of the name “Emmanuel”… God is truly with us.

As our ethos is primarily liturgical it seemed appropriate to maintain the name Anglican which would signify our worship style. As we have progressed in establishing the foundation of our Communion we have discovered more who we are, but more importantly, who we are not. There are situations and practices within mainstream Anglicanism that do not resonate with who we believe God has called us to be. Consequently, the House of Bishops has voted to simplify our name to the “Emmanuel Communion.”

The Emmanuel Communion will maintain our liturgical form of worship and tradition, follow the Prayer Book, celebrate the Eucharist at every service and continue to preach God’s uncompromised Word. Nothing will change from who we are now except the name. For further clarification as to our beliefs and identity we invite an examination of our Constitution and Canons which will be posted on our website … eacommunion.org.

To the INVITATION. As we grow in the Lord’s work there is a need for church planters. The EC is presently in the Southeastern US, Texas, Malaysia, and Australia. We also have a Bishop in the process of relocating to France and have an affiliation in India. Having been incorporated in May of 2016 we are a relatively new family of churches but feel we have a purpose in our little corner of God’s Kingdom.  

Our invitation focus is on Seminary students and disassociated clergy who may be interested in coming under Apostolic covering as they minister in the vineyard.  Our Bishops are in full Apostolic Succession in a line back to St. Peter and we have a Benedictine Rule that we follow. We would encourage any interested persons to visit the website and get a better feel for who we are. Contact information is available there or you may email the Office of the Presiding Bishop directly at eacommunion@gmail.com.

God bless you greatly as we toil together in The Kingdom.

First EAC Convocation, February 25th, 2017

The first Convocation of the Emmanuel Anglican Communion will be held February 24-25 in Ft Pierce, Florida at St. Peter's Church on Jenkins Rd. just off Hwy 70. The House of Bishops will meet Friday evening from 6-10 PM for their business meeting and the Open Convocation will begin at 9:30 AM Saturday morning with various ministry reports and opportunities, input from the Laity as well as a visionary message from the Presiding Bishop. We will conclude with a Celebration of the  Holy Eucharist. All are welcome to attend.

As our Communion is young (less than one year) we are still in a formation process. Scritpture tells us to "...despise not small beginnings."  As we are widely disbursed throughout the world and, as with many ministries, we are of limited financial resource, our physical numbers at the Saturday gathering may be less than we'd like. We gather nonetheless and celebrate the vision God has given the EAC to show the world the reality of "God With Us." In a time of questionable physical security and moral decline, we have been given the mission to stand on God's Word as the only certainty in an uncertain society. 

We look forward to greeting any persons interested in becoming a part of this Family of Christ. For those that can not be there but may be interested you are encouraged to contact us via email or snail mail. If you can  not be present we covet your prayers for God's guidance and direction as we strive to do His will.  We pray... Come Holy Spirit and speak to our hearts... in Jesus Name. Amen.

Pax Christi,

Archbishop Edward J. Skiba, OSB

Presiding Bishop

New Deacons Ordained for the EAC

On October 23rd, 2016 Brother Michael Monteiro, OSB (top left) was ordained to the Holy Order of Deacons by Bishop -Abbot Barry Becchio at The Gathering, EAC Church in Ft Pierce, Florida. 

On October 28th,2016 Brother Thomas Theobald, OSB (lower left) was also  ordained to the Holy Order of Deacons at Solaris Nursing and Restorative in Stuart, Florida by Bishop -Abbot Barry Becchio.

Both ordinations were assisted by Bishop David Francoeur, Bishop of the Province of the Eastern US and Diocesan of the Southeast.

Bishop-Abbot Becchio has mentored these two men during their formation as Tonsured Brothers in the Order of St. Alcuin/Benedictine and continues as their Bishop-Abbot in their religious life.

​The Emmanuel  Communion